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About Barbara's Kitchen

Tasty and delicious food has been at the center of Chef Sharon Young’s family for as long as she can remember.  Her culinary journey began in her island homeland, Jamaica under the tutelage of her grandmother, Viola Dawes.  “Mama”, as Chef Young’s grandmother was affectionately called, had a treasure trove of cooking tips and tricks that would transform a simple meal into an unforgettable eating experience. This food transforming ability was referred to in the Jamaican culture as having a “flavored or seasoned hand”.


Chef Young attended Middlesex County College where she obtained an associate degree in Culinary Arts.  She believes that most memorable moments are always created around food.


In September of 2016, Chef Young launched her brand of Preserves and Salsas under the label "Barbara’s Kitchen" (so named to honor her mother, Barbara Dawes).  The products are hand made with fresh fruits and the finest of ingredients. Most commercially made jams are made with 35% fruit while jams from Barbara’s Kitchen contain at least 45% fruit. Their all-natural low sugar jam has a minimum of 70% fruit by weight content and is sweetened with evaporated cane juice to enhance the flavor of the fruit. The jams and jellies are packaged in 8-oz. jars while the salsas are packaged in 18 oz. jars.


If you buy any of their products during your visit to this site, Chef Young hopes you will enjoy your purchase, share it with friends and family and become a returning customer.


"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."

1 Corinthians 10:31





"So I am a real snacker and my new favorite snack is Barbara's Kitchen Spicy peach jalapeno jam on crackers. It's so good !" Deresa S



"Made some chicken and porkchops on the grill with the raspberry jalapeño jelly. It was delicious. Even the kids ate it."
Thank you,


"We just finished up the jar of Peach Salsa that we bought from you at the Manatee Festival. It was amazing!!!"
Ed Woodruff


I finally had time to try my new Barbara's Kitchen spicy peach jalapeño jam and I can’t even describe how delicious and flavorful my chicken is!
Noha Chalawit

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