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Citrus de Provence blend

This is a wonderful blend that will make any dish full of flavor and wonderful fragrence. 

Lemon thyme is a close relative of the familiar common garden thyme but with a notable lemon flavor and aroma.

Marjoram is a close relative to oregano without all the volatile oils, marjoram provides a different, gentler mouth feel.

Winter savory is a culinary herb, imparting a spicy, peppery flavor to dishes in which it is used.

Orange peel has a concentrated orange flavor adding a great flavor to this blend.

Young Rosemary leaves creates an amazing aroma and taste.

Vana Holy Basil is considered a wild basil native to India and east Africa. Vana Holy Basil is known for its fragrance, which is similar to that of clove.

Tarragon is an aromatic plant which has a sweet, licorice-like flavor.


Citrus de Provence

  • Available year-round

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