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Gallberry Honey is a Mono-Floral honey meaning that it is created from nectar from a single specific flowering plant in this case, the Inkberry Holly

Gallberry honey is rich, and elegant tasting, making it a perfect honey for special meals as well as everyday table use.

Gallberry honey is an aromatic honey full of pollen and enzymes making it very slow to crystallize. This uniquely Southern honey is time-honored and highly sought after across the Southeast as well as the world. As soon as you try it you will instantly understand why it is one of the world's best varietal honeys. Gallberry Honey cannot be reproduced anywhere in the world except Southern Georgia and Northern Florida. 


From April to June the inkberry hollybush practically drips nectar, providing a feast for the local bees. This is how we get our Elegant Gallberry honey.

Elegant Gallberry Honey

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